TWICE Tops Japanese Music Charts Following Pre-release Of “Perfect World”

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TWICE continues to prove their charting power as they top Japanese music charts following the pre-release of their track, “Perfect World”.

TWICE displays their global influence following the pre-release of their newest Japanese song, “Perfect World”. The song topped various music charts in Japan, captivating listeners with its bold sound and concept. TWICE continues leading the K-Pop industry as one of the most sought-after girl groups of the industry.


The song, “Perfect World”, provides fans with a fast-paced, theatrical sound. The song expresses the confident meaning that TWICE will stand up to even the most unsettling challenges without being shaken. As a result, their fandom ONCE can receive uplifting energy from the song, encouraging them to enact the same confidence in their own lives.

At the same time as the music source release, the group also delivered an equally theatrical music video featuring a chic femme-fatale concept and the members’ consistently strong performance skills. The more sensual and bold charisma highlighted in the music video is a stark contrast to the softer summer whimsy their latest Korean music video, “Alcohol-Free” illustrated.

The two very different concepts released back-to-back only reinforces TWICE’s ability to portray a wide variety of concepts to fans.

Following the release of “Perfect World”, TWICE dominated local music charts, such as Line Music and AWA. Moreover, the song continued to sit at the top of the charts as of 10 am on June 30. Their strong power in global music charts is evidence of TWICE’s influence as one of the leading girl groups in K-Pop.

Meanwhile, the group will also deliver their third Japanese album, titled the same as the recent pre-released track.

The album, Perfect World, will unveil to fans on July 28.

Source: SBS Entertainment

Image and Video Source: JYP Entertainment