TXT Sets Record For First Week Album Sales With “The Dream Chapter: Eternity”

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TXT accomplishes a dreamlike achievement thanks to their latest comeback album The Dream Chapter: Eternity.

Tomorrow X Together’s album, The Dream Chapter: Eternity that released on May 18, set the record for the first week album sales.


According to the Hanteo chart, TXT’s album The Dream Chapter: Eternity achieved a sale record of 181,009. This album’s record beat the turnout of the group’s past album The Dream Chapter: Magic.

The Dream Chapter: Magic stood at 124,000 and which makes The Dream Chapter: Eternity’s sales 56,000 times higher.

The Dream Chapter: Eternity’s sales are 77,000 times higher than their debut album The Dream Chapter: Star’s first week sales as well.

This feat has solidified TXT’s position as a multitalented rookie group. It has also deemed them as one of popular next-generation idol groups.

Tomorrow X Together’s “Dream” series has been widely acclaimed for its mesmerizing conception and captivating music.

Each of the chapters interlink as they unfold the story of friendship between the young boys. It follows their ups and downs amidst a parallel world setting. The one common factor on each chapter is TXT’s hypnotizing out of the world visuals and melodic vocals.

The Dream Chapter: Eternity is one that has been loved by MOAs across the globe for its experimental sounds and striking styles. The album’s title track, “Can’t You See Me?,” showcased TXT’s versatility as artists. They bewitched fans with their flawless vocals on the track and their stunning looks in the MV as well. 

Source: Herald Pop

Images Credit To: Big Hit Entertainment

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