TXT Exhibits Amazing Talents In jTBC’s “Idol Room”

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Monster rookies TXT creates a magical atmosphere with their appearance in Idol Room

TXT may be newbies, but they know how to be ridiculously funny and entertaining in variety shows. The global rookie group from BigHit Entertainment recently made an appearance in JTBC’s Idol Room.

TXT Idol Room

Credit: BigHit Entertainment

In the latest episode of the show, which was broadcast on November 12 at 6.30 PM KST, TXT showcased their multiple talents through various activities.

The boys opened the show by performing their debut single, “Crown”. Then they covered the dances of label mates BTS’ “Boy In Luv” and “Dope”.

The boys went on to earnestly participate in the show’s popular segment called “Idol 999 Audition”.

This is a segment where idol guests of the show appeal themselves to get selected among the 999 idols to be a part of co-ed group called 1001.

TXT JTBC Idol Room

Credit: JTBC Idol Room

“Idol 999 Audition” Member Introduction

The group’s leader Soobin gave his introduction by describing as someone who is attractive from head to toe.

He got shy when he was asked why he is the leader however, the  members acknowledged his leadership skills and said that he is a good leader because he is easy to approach. He later on, surprised the the hosts Hyung Don and Defconn with his stretchable skin.

Introduced as a legendary BigHit trainee, Yeonjun talked about his reputation as a trainee who topped dance, vocals and rap skills. Members too acknowledged the fact and he proceeded to flaunt his freestyle dance and English rap.

Beomgyu introduced himself as the energizer of the group and said that his specialty is his Daegu dialect.

Talking about his trainee days, Beomgyu spoke about how he learned facial gestures by watching BTS member V’s videos and expressed his admiration for him. He said that he looks up to him because of his powerful performances.

Taehyun was presented as magician of the group. Having learned magic for two years, Taehyun showed some of his magic tricks. In addition to that, Taehyun also disclosed that he used to be a boxer.

The youngest member Huening Kai is introduced as a musical genius and he gave a memorable duet performance of their song “Summer” with Beomgyu.

Huening Kai played the piano while Beomgyu played the guitar. Soobin also showed his talents in playing the flute and was very quite adorable while doing so.

TXT JTBC Idol Room

Credit: JTBC Idol Room

Idol 999 Member Selection

In the next step of the segment, TXT were evaluated as a team in the Magic Carpet Run. They successfully completed the task with their amazing teamwork and earned an A grade.

The final screening of the “Idol 999 Audition” was done through the Exploding Balloon Dance Game. The members have to pass the balloon while dancing for this game and the person that has the balloon in hand when it explodes passes the final audition.

At the end, Taehyun got selected as the Idol 999 member.

Currently busy with their promotional activities, TXT recently had a comeback with their first full-length album, The Dream Chapter: Magic.

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Source: NEWS1 Korea

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