U-KISS brings comfort to Jakarta flood victims

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Having successfully held a showcase in Medan last year, U-KISS visited Indonesia again yesterday. In contrast to the original plan to hold a showcase and fan party, U-KISS came to hold a charity event and showed their concern by visiting the flood victims directly. On February 1, U-KISS’ Soohyun and Kevin held a joint press conference at fX Sudirman with Oppa Oppa Live, Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI World Vision Indonesia) and Bank Mutiara to explain about the rescheduling of showcase and charity session in Jakarta. 2013 UKISS Showcase & Fan Party in Jakarta that should be held on February 1 and 2, has to be rescheduled to April 26-27 due to bad weather and the worrying issue of the safety of fans. 

“Showcase had to be rescheduled. But there is no change in terms of concept and benefit tickets. We thank you for your support and understanding. In addition, each Rp 10.000, – from tickets sold will be donated to the flood victims, through WVI,” said Kim Young Hoon from Oppa Oppa Live. Donations will be managed by Wahana Visi Indonesia, a partner of World Vision which is a humanitarian organization that focuses on children and experienced in responding to natural disasters.

U-KISS’ Kevin explained that the band knew the condition of Jakarta from internet news sources and was concerned about the condition of Indonesian fans. Although the postponement was a difficult decision to them as well, Kevin hoped fans will understand this decision because U-KISS loves them all.

“We want the world to know about Indonesia’s condition, that’s why we came here. We are sorry because not all members can come this time, “said U-KISS’ Soohyun. Although only Soohyun and Kevin were able to attend the press conference and charity session, all members of U-KISS gave a special message to Indonesian fans through a video which was uploaded on their official youtube account. They hope the fans in Indonesia are safe and that they will stay strong and look forward to meet in the upcoming showcase in April.

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In the next event session titled ‘Charity Session with UKISS and Bank Mutiara’, U-KISS donated 20 copies of their autographed seventh mini-album Stop Girl and 2 signed favorite personal clothing from Soohyun & Kevin. In a short time, Soohyun and Kevin managed to auction off 2 albums with total sales of Rp 3.500.000.

The rest of the albums and clothing will be auctioned online at the event organizer website – www.oppaoppalive.com. The entire funds from the auction  will be distributed to the flood victims through WVI. This session which is opened to public, is expected to inspire the fans to participate in helping and sharing with others.

In addition to the press conference and auction events, U-KISS also visited refugees in post Penjaringan, North Jakarta. Accompanied by WVI, Soohyun and Kevin distributed stationery and toys to children in sheltering camps. Together with U-KISS, Bank Mutiara organized its charity activities to provide direct assistance to ease the burden of child victims from floods that hit Jakarta, particularly Pluit.

Greeted cheerfully by children, U-KISS boys could not hide their surprise with the high enthusiasm. Representatives gave a thank-you note and a portrait gift to U-KISS, and even taught them the Indonesian children’s song titled My Hat is Round. Despite the language barrier, Soohyun and Kevin had no problem in entertaining and playing with the children. Both later revealed their thoughts, “We are excited to be able to interact directly with them. But unfortunately it’s only for a while, short time. This charity visit means a lot to us, and also reminds us to be grateful. Even in difficult situation, the kids are still smiling.”

U-KISS hopes that this visit can give encouragement to children and inspire others to share with each other. Kevin thanked fans who came to the charity session and was glad to have a chance to visit Indonesia. “Thank you for coming and support us. We are happy to see you. We want to share and slightly ease your burden, so be strong and fighting!” said Kevin.

Priscilla Christin, Donor Acquisition Manager of Wahana Visi Indonesia added,“We appreciate the care and concern from UKISS, who come all the way from Korea and are willing to sacrifice his concert schedule shift. Not many celebrities have similar sensitivity, even going down directly to evacuation shelters. Hopefully, U-KISS concern could be the inspiration for others to share. “

Oppa Oppa Live thanks for all the support and understanding from everyone for the rescheduling of the showcase and charity event, “Thank you for all your support and understanding. Despite many shortcomings, the event can run smoothly because of the help of many parties. May the good intentions of this event can be received well by everyone. Thanks to Bank Mutiara, Wahana Visi Indonesia, U-KISS and especially the fans who have supported this event. See you in U-KISS Showcase & Fan Party in Jakarta on 26-27 April. “

Watch the video of the interaction between Kevin, Soohyun and the children below:

[vsw id=”rJ7ou9KXXcU” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

View the photos of the press conference and the charity session below:



Sources:  Direct Correspondence – oppaoppalive.com


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