U-Kwon, B-Bomb & P.O: Cool Kids For BASTARZ’s ”Conduct Zero”

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Block B‘s first ever sub-unit, BASTARZ, made its debut with Conduct Zero back in April. The trio then announced that it would release its first Japanese single Conduct Zero on the 7th of October.

There will be four different CD versions of the single: three limited editions (one for each member) and one normal edition. All the limited editions will contain the same tracks: the Japanese version of Conduct Zero and Charlie Chaplin. However, the normal edition will contain the Japanese version of Conduct Zero and a karaoke version of the song. Take a look at the four different jacket images below:

The jacket images for the upcoming single were released through Block B’s official homepage on September 10. At first glance, fans will notice the difference of the photos and the different color tones (red, blue and orange) of  the individual images.

Check out the Korean version of Conduct Zero below:

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