U-KISS’ Kiseop Hit By Dozens of Shrapnel On MV Set

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What an unfortunate incident for Kiseop!

It was shocking news to fans of U-KISS that member Kiseop suffered second-degree burns and dozens of shrapnel on the set of a music video shooting.

As stated by U-KISS’ agency NH EMG on September 6, the singer was injured due to the explosion of a smoke emitter held by him while filming the music video. The smoke emitter is often used for cheering at soccer games and festivals, as well.


Source: NH EMG

The idol was quickly taken to a nearby hospital in Incheon for primary care. He was then discharged for resting at home as he could not get stitches at that point.

Former U-KISS member Kevin expressed his relief when he could contact his former groupmate: “I was relieved after getting in contact with Kiseop. Please support and pray for Kiseop’s quick recovery.”

We all hope for his full and speedy recovery!

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