UNICEF Thanks BTS ARMY For Helping Raise $1 Million For #RoarForChange Campaign

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UNICEF acknowledges the BTS ARMY’s heart for supporting advocacies and humanitarian causes, just like their idols, as they help raise $1 million dollars to combat malnutrition!

UNICEF gives a shout-out to the BTS Army for helping them raise a whopping $1 million for the #RoarForChange campaign by Star Wars: Force for Change. The campaign is a charity initiative by Lucasfilm and Disney for the installment’s trademark May the 4th celebration.

The campaign asked netizens to share their own version of Chewbacca’s roar and post it on top social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Each post, like, or share which included the hashtag #RoarForChange within May 3 to 25 will be equivalent to a $1 donation from the Star Wars: Force For Change campaign to UNICEF USA until it reaches its cap of $1 million.

The funds raised by the campaign will be collected and used by UNICEF USA to provide ready-to-use therapeutic food packets for children around the world who are suffering from malnutrition.

unicef thanks bts army $1 million anti-malnutrition campaign

Photo from UNICEF

On May 5, ABC news reporter George Pennacchio called on to the BTS ARMY on Twitter and asked them to join in on the campaign. The ARMY immediately responded, and in just a few hours, they were able to bring up the hashtag up to 1 million tweets and took over the top worldwide trending topic spot on Twitter.

UNICEF tweeted their heartfelt thanks to the BTS fandom for their support in the campaign and the organization, informing them that their support had enabled UNICEF to provide lifesaving aid to children suffering from malnutrition.

The fans took after their beloved K-pop group who launched their own UNICEF campaign Love Myself in November 2017. Love Myself is a two-year-long partnership between the organization and BTS which aims to raise funds for #ENDviolence, UNICEF’s global campaign to protect children and teens from violence and allow them to live happy and healthy lives. The fandom has been actively providing support in fundraising projects on behalf of BTS and has been expressing their gratitude for getting opportunities to help out and support great causes.

unicef thanks bts army $1 million anti-malnutrition campaign

Photo from UNICEF

Way to go, BTS ARMY! We’re sure RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, and V are all proud of you!

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