VANNER: The Newest Rookie Boy Group To Look Out For

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Meet the newest rookies of the Hallyu world, VANNER.

VANNER is composed of five talented members who are versatile and full of personality. They plan to go to the top of the music industry and put the flag of victory, as well. According to Naver, the band is a talented newcomer with both visual and technical skills. Meet the members below.



Position: Leader, Main Vocal

Hobbies: cooking, visiting restaurants, watching musicals

Specialty: composition, lyrics, musical



Position: Rap, Vocal, Dance

Hobbies: scuba diving, reptile breeding, baseball, shopping, vocal reproduction

Specialty: freestyle dance



Position: Rap, Dance

Hobbies: reading, shopping

Specialty: making coffee



Position: Vocal, Dance

Hobbies: eating jelly, shopping

Specialty: running, drumming



Position: Vocal

Hobbies: exercise

Specialty: basketball, playing alone

Rookie skills

VANNER shows off its extraordinary performance skills with debut song “Better Do Better”. The track was created with the passion and sweat of the members.  In addition, they had more than 200 concerts in Japan last year to build up their fandom for an explosive debut.

They already posted their highlight medley on their official social media platforms. The debut album has several tracks. Some of the song titles are “Upper”, “Without You”, “불을 밝혀줘 (Light the Fire)”, “Nasty”, “Like A Star”, “트램펄린 (Trampoline)”, “말이라고 해 (Say It)”, “Solo”, and “널 만나는 날 (The day I meet you)”. Listen to a medley below!

VANNER 1st Debut Album V comes out on February 14th. They already released a comeback showcase, so make sure to check that out. A great Valentines’ Day treat from me to you: Listen to Vanner’s first album.

Keep updated with the boys through their official Twitter account.

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