Vietnamese K-pop Fans Surprised To Spot Their Native Language In Psy And Taeyang’s “LOVE” Music Video

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This completely surprises Vietnamese fans but also thoughtful of Psy and Taeyang not to forget this huge market of fans they have.

On July 17, the music video for Psy and Taeyang‘s collaborative track “LOVE” was finally released. The song is from Psy’s latest album titled 4×2=8, dropped in May 2017.

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Apart from much anticipation of the collaboration between these two top artists, the dynamic song also attracted viewers with its fast tempo and eye-catching choreography.

Interestingly, the chorus sentence “What we need is love” is written in the common international languages, such as English, Chinese, and Japanese. Unexpectedly, Vietnamese is also seen translated as “Chúng ta cần là tình yêu”.

This resulted Vietnamese K-pop fans being extremely surprised, creating a buzz in the online communities, as it is very rare for this language to appear in international artists’ music videos.

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