VIXX Invites Fans To Upcoming Concert Through V app

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Let’s go to VIXX’s upcoming concert next month!

VIXX has just appeared via the V app to promote its upcoming concert titled 2016 VIXX Live Fantasia Elysium. The concert will take place at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Gymnasium on August 13 and 14.

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Naver V app

In the video, the group revealed that they are on the filming set for their concert video. They expressed their excitement and urged fans to attend the event. They said: “Our ‘ELYSIUM’ is really special this time. When you come to ‘ELYSIUM’, you can have the chance to see the title track of an upcoming for the first time”.

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Naver V app

All members completed the clip by showing the expectation to meet their beloved fans at their upcoming concert.

Watch the video here.

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