VIXX’s Leo Says His Performance Is Not Good Enough

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Is VIXX’s Leo not good enough?

For fans of South Korean boy group VIXX, the question deserves raised eyebrows. How can Leo, who serves as the group’s vocalist, be lacking?

Leo is charismatic, with his piercing gaze and seemingly perfect proportions. He is definitely vocally gifted, with albums, singles, and musicals as proofs of his singing prowess. Still the singer, who made his debut as a solo artist in July, feels he is lacking.

“I feel sorry for my fans who come to broadcasting stations at this sweltering weather or in the early hours to see me,” he said in his interview with Star1 magazine. “I’d initially thought that it would be okay to pay back their love with good music and performances, but I feel my performance isn’t good enough these days,” he added.


Leo dropped his first ever solo album, Canvas, on July 31, led by the song, “Touch and Sketch”. A week after the release, he secured his first ever music show win as a solo artist on the August 7 episode of The Show.

Despite the confident look and stunning stage he presented during his promotions as a soloist, he admitted that he felt the void left by the absence of his members. In his six years as an idol, he never promoted an album alone. He was always with N, Hongbin, Ravi, Ken, and Hyuk. There was a time he promoted without the rest of his members. However, even then, he was with member Ravi as VIXX LR.


Known for his quiet demeanor, Leo admitted it was a challenge to be without his members. “It was hard for me to introduce my new songs alone when I did a comeback interview at a music show, ” he said. Still, he added, “I’m slowly getting used to doing things by himself now.”