VIXX’s Leo to Grace the Silver Screen in Upcoming Movie “Veranda”

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Get ready to see Leo in a whole new light – on the big screen!

His agency, Big Boss Entertainment, just revealed some exciting news on June 27. Leo is officially stepping into the movie acting world with his debut in the film Veranda.

Veranda, directed by Jo Sung-won, takes us on a voyeuristic journey into the lives of people residing in a shared apartment complex. The film promises to peel back the layers, exposing the secrets and truths that simmer beneath the surface. But here’s the twist: “Veranda” isn’t your typical erotic thriller. Production company 26 Company assures viewers that they’re ditching the clichés and crafting a unique experience that blends intrigue with a sensual and sophisticated atmosphere.

Leo will be portraying the enigmatic Jung Taek-woon. This character seems to relish a bit of espionage, as he pries into the life of Ha-yeon (played by Jeon So-min), uncovering her hidden secret. For fans who know Leo primarily from his musical endeavors, this role promises an exciting departure, allowing him to showcase a new facet of his acting talent.

Leo’s foray into film has fans buzzing with anticipation. He’s already established himself as a powerhouse vocalist with VIXX, captivating audiences with his unique voice and undeniable charisma. But his talents extend far beyond music. Since 2014, he’s been captivating audiences on stage, earning rave reviews for his passionate performances in a wide range of musicals. From Full House and Mata Hari to The Great Comet and more, Leo has proven his versatility and dedication to his craft. No wonder expectations are soaring for his movie debut!

So, mark your calendars, VIXX fans – Leo’s on his way to steal the show (and maybe your heart) on the big screen in Veranda.