Wanna One Exceeds 700,000 Pre-Orders For “0+1=1(I Promise You)”

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Six months after debut, the achievements which Wanna One has gained are tremendous than an usual rookie group.

On March 5, according to Wanna One’s agency YMC Entertainment, the group’s upcoming album titled 0+1=1(I Promise You) has exceeded over 700,000 copies in pre-orders as of now.

The company also further revealed that the pre-ordering started from February 27, and achieved 700,000 copies by March 2.

Two weeks ahead of the new record’s official release, which is on March 19, the boys dropped the special theme track dubbed “I.P.U” as a way to repay their fans’ love and support.

Meanwhile, Wanna One recently participated with UNESCO in an educational campaign, titled Wanna One X Girls’ Education. With the meaningful slogan “Bright girls, brighter future”, the project aims to bring girls in developing countries with opportunities to pursue education.

The members recently posted a video onto their official Instagram to introduce the campaign, as well as call for fans to support for this cause.

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