Wanna One’s Agency Warns Obsessive Fans About Serious Violation Of Members’ Privacy

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As normal human beings, idols also need their own privacy.

On February 13, the agency of project group Wanna One, YMC Entertainment, released a statement, titled Request Regarding the Protection of Privacy of Wanna One’s Members, through the band’s official fan cafe.

In the statement, apart from expressing the gratitude to fans, the company officially sent a warning message to some obsessive fans [or saesaengs] due to their continuous violations of Wanna One members’ privacy.

Below is the full statement of YMC Entertainment:

Hello, this is YMC Entertainment.

We express our sincere gratitude to all the Wannables, who give generous support and love to Wanna One.

We have released similar statements already, but we’d like to make a request to certain fans who are causing harm to Wanna One’s members.

Recently, due to certain fans who acquired personal information of Wanna One’s members by illegal means and attempt to contact them whether it’s day or night, not only Wanna One’s schedule is affected, but the members are having trouble with sleeping and living their daily lives. The artists are under heavy stress.

Please keep in mind that trying to call the artist or sending texts and messages is a violation of an individual’s privacy. We ask you to stop such actions that ruin the artists’ valuable lives.

Also, using the safety of Wanna One’s members as an excuse to send threats or false information to the agency’s staff and installing location tracking devices on their vehicles to follow them to private schedules, cause disruption to the schedule and threaten the safety of the members.

We ask for your cooperation so that Wanna One’s members no longer receive mental distress due to improper behavior of certain fans.

In related news, Wanna One is reportedly to kick off the new year by releasing a new record in March.


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