Weeekly Unveils Vibrant Concept Photos For “We Can”

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Weeekly’s concept photos are hinting on a very vibrant and retro comeback to anticipate for!

Play M Entertainment introduced its new girl group Weeekly in May 2020. Weeekly is their first girl group in 10 years after Apink, and their first idol group after Victon in four years.

Earlier this year, Weeekly was first introduced by a chain of profile photos and videos. The group consists of the line-up, namely Soojin, Jiyoon, Monday, Soeun, Jihan, and Zoa. They then released their debut music video for Tag Me (@Me) on June 30.

On September 21, Weeekly announced their comeback plans for October 13 with their second mini-album We Can. They also revealed their first ever teaser image along with the announcement for their comeback.


Play M Entertainment also shared their comeback schedule for the month of October.

Weeekly has unveiled their most anticipated concept photos for their comeback We Can, with their concept photos being bubbly and full of life.

Check out the teasers below:








Shin Jiyoon Weekly Concept Photo


Source: Play M Entertainment