Weki Meki Stays Pretty In Pink And Pastel For “DAZZLE DAZZLE” Comeback Teaser Photos

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Weki Meki makes the “girl crush” title all theirs as they dazzle fans in their latest comeback teaser photos!

The ladies of Weki Meki are preparing to make February extra pretty and fabulous with their much-awaited first comeback for 2020!

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With a title very apt to what their charms can do, the girl group’s upcoming digital single album DAZZLE DAZZLE will be making the month extra fabulous with its scheduled release on February 20!

On February 11, Weki Meki officially began their comeback countdown with their title poster and comeback activity scheduler. According to the title poster, the single has gathered the team-up of Anna Timgren and STAINBOYS, who participated in making famous songs by various hit female K-Pop artists like BoA, GFRIEND, and TWICE.

Suyeon, Elly, Yoojung, Doyeon, Sei, Lua, Rina, and Lucy then starred in their first set of teaser photos titled “Dazzling Funeral” on February 13 with a pretty pastel theme that suited their charms well.

Although the girls’ fresh visuals take up the spotlight, fans must pay attention to the various interesting accessories like candles and roses that the group used in their concept photos to create an innocently mysterious atmosphere.

They then decorated Valentine’s Day with their glamorous second set of teaser photos titled “Shimmering Ceremony” where they basked in sparkling shades of pink as they posed individually and in units as well.

Back from her hiatus which started in October 2019 due to health concerns, Choi Yoojung will be joining this comeback as confirmed by Fantagio earlier, making this comeback showcase the talents of the complete lineup of Weki Meki.

Marking another exciting digital single album from the group, DAZZLE DAZZLE will arrive six months after they made their last comeback with their single album repackage WEEK END LOL headlined by the track “Tiki Taka (99%)” in August 2019.

Source: Fantagio Music


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