Who would have guessed? Third Weekly Recap

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[An editorial of ‘Who Would Have Guessed’ 2012 series]

Who would have guessed?

…Wonder Girls are no longer the top Hallyu act?

With a long absence from the Kpop scene, have the Wonder Girls lost their grip as the Hallyu act? Whilst certainly not as popular as some of their competitors, the Wonder Girls remain a good and steady Kpop act who has even more to show us.

…2NE1 mellows out?

While the girl group has had one of the most successful debut ever, this article looks at why YG’s methods for promotions may end up costing the girls. As they drift from Korea to now tackle the US market, will they follow the path of the Wonder Girls?

…2AM succeeds on charts despite long absence

Continuing with absence as this week’s topic, 2AM shows that absence doesn’t always end up as bad for the group. Despite not promoting in Korea as a group for a while, their comeback was exactly what fans recognised and the charts showed their return was a well received one.

...BEAST makes dangerous long overdue comeback

BEAST has steadily made their way to the top of charts as they release track after track. But, with their latest release, it looks like a combination of new musical style and long absence as a group has seen their popularity decline with their most recent album release.

…2PM to leave Korea for Japan?

As more Kpop acts leave Korea to promote in other countries, 2PM looks to make a decision on how they promote between countries as they are expected to release a new Japanese single soon.

…BoA is the new queen of lip-sync?

Debuting as a soloist when she was only 13 years old, Queen of Kpop BoA, now has 12 years of experience under her belt. After finally releasing her first ever self-composed track, many fans were disappointed at seeing her give up singing live to concentrate on her dance. But, does someone who has always been known for being a great all round performer really need to prove herself anymore?


This week’s most popular article has been the one featuring BoA.

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