WINNER’s Comeback With ‘Really Really’ And ‘Fool’ On A Roll; Charts No.1 On iTunes In 12 Countries

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WINNER is back!

With the release of new songs alongside with their respective music videos, WINNER‘s Really Really and Fool catapulted to the no. 1 spot on the iTunes Charts in 12 countries (Brunei, Columbia, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, Ukraine, Vietnam).

Local music charts Bugs, Genie, and Olleh reported that the songs also garnered strong attention, landing at no.2 spot.

On their recent V Live show, the group revealed that the album Fate Number For will have two versions: Seoul version and LA version. To differentiate from each other, the LA version showcases the group members’ photos taken during their stay in the City of Angels and for the Seoul version, a much more vibrant feel is expected.

Really Really talks about how a new love excites the senses, while Fool is a rather sad, love song, having to deal with a mountain of regrets for losing someone dear and true.

The group members dedicated Fool to the fans who have yearned for the group’s comeback. As clearly pointed out by the group, “This song describes our feelings of not being able to come back soon. Forgive us for making you wait for so long.”

The members gamely expressed excitement on their return to the spotlight. It shall be a sheer delight to the fans as the boys will be busy with TV appearances in the coming days to promote their latest endeavor as a four-member group.


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