WINNER Delighted Fans This Christmas By Dressing Up

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WINNER dressed up cutely for their fans.

On December 25, YG Entertainment’s WINNER greeted their fans in a unique way.

During Christmas, most of the idols would just post their selcas and say their wishes for the fans. However, WINNER did it differently.

The boys used their official Instagram account to upload a group picture.

Seungyoon, Jinwoo, Seunghoon and Mino dressed up cutely by each wearing a Santa hat with antler ears.

[위너홀로집에] 여러분! 대낮에 보내드린 #아무말대잔치 #의식의흐름대로 크리스마스 특별 방송은 잘 보셨나요?☺️ 저희는 오늘 빚만 남은 신용카드도 드리고, 1박 2일 브이앱을 넘나 흔쾌히 제안한 멤버들을 위해 소리벗고 모자질러??? 모드로 임했습니다. 그리고 끝이 나기 무섭게 멤버들도 여러분과 같이 모두 뜨뜻한 방에 누워 딩굴딩굴거리기 시작했다는 소식을 대신 전달하는 것으로 크리스마스 인사 대신 합니다? #역시 #먹고딩구는것이 #휴일의맛 #홈파티는못하게따 #매일매일이새로워요 #와하ㅏ하하하 #위너짱 #위너만세 #그럼이만총총 #WINNER #WINNERCITY #TEAMWINNER

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In the photo caption, they wanted their fans not to worry about them as they were also celebrating their Christmas warmly. Moreover, they reminded that everyday is new, and even cheered for themselves and their fans.

Currently, the members are occupied with their own activities, and there are no official news yet about their comeback date.

Follow their official Facebook account for updates.

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