WINNER’s Jin Woo Reveals Nearing Military Enlistment Date Via A Touching Letter

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Inner Circles surely wish nothing but a safe military service to their beloved idol Jin Woo!

Kim Jin Woo of YG Entertainment’s prized male quartet WINNER has announced that he will be officially enlisting in the military on April 2.

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Just recently, the eldest member of WINNER shared the sudden news to fans through a touching letter.

A surprising yet heartwarming message

Before revealing the big news, Jin Woo first greeted his fans, “Inner Circle, hello. I’m here because I have some news and I wanted you to be the first people to know about it.”

“I will be enlisting on April 2! Though I will be apart from our Inner Circle for a bit, I will be healthy, brave, and do well, so our Inner Circle should also do your best in whatever you’re doing and put your health first! I hope you will be well,” he candidly added.

Sharing that he’s delighted to release an album together with his loving members Seung Yoon, Mino, and Seung Hoon for the last time before he enlists, he then gave a heartfelt shout-out to them: “To my dongsaengs, who are now like real brothers to me, I’m always grateful and I love you!”


Meanwhile, WINNER recently dropped their pre-release track “Hold”. Quickly after its release, it showed impressive results as it topped the iTunes charts in various countries worldwide. This will immediately be succeeded by the release of the boy group’s third full album Remember on April 9, which fans should watch out for.

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Photo Credits: YG Entertainment