WINNER’s Activities To Momentarily Pause For Nam Taehyun’s Recovery

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WINNER to take a break from promotions.

YG Entertainment released an official statement on October 12 regarding updates about WINNER‘s activities.

It was announced that WINNER will momentarily take a break from the spotlight. Along with this, WINNER’s new single will be “delayed until further notice due to unexpected circumstances.”

Member Nam Taehyun has had recent bouts of mental health issues and it appears to have escalated. Hence, the group will have to pause their activities to let Nam Taehyun recover. As the agency places utmost importance to the health and safety of its artists, such move is necessary.

The agency revealed that it had also spoken to Nam Taehyun’s mother about his condition, and deemed that he is unfit to carry on with the activities for WINNER’s comeback.

His condition manifested since his trainee days, and his mother is currently taking care of him.

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