WJSN CHOCOME Wraps Up Activities For “HMPH!”

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WJSN CHOCOME successfully completed its HMPH! activities after captivating the K-pop scene with a bright and unique charm.

WJSN recently debuted its first four-member unit CHOCOME. The girls successfully wrapped up the promotions for their first single album HMPH!, which included a total of two fun to listen to tracks.


CHOCOME appeared on MBC’s Music Core on November 21, ending their activities for “HMPH!”. The unit expressed their feelings about this promotion period through their representative agency, Starship Entertainment.

The girls said, “We’re so happy to finish our first unit activities well. Thanks to all your love, we were able to have so much fun. We were nervous at first because we challenged an unconventional concept with HMPH!, but thanks to the support of many people, we became more confident.”

They also added, “We finished our CHOCOME activity, but we will show you various sides as WJSN after this, so please give us a lot of attention. Thank you for all the love for our unit. We are especially grateful to our Ujung.”

WJSN debuted in 2016 and delivered innocent visuals and dreamy music. In contrast, the group’s first unit, presented a fresh and lively concept with vitamin-like energy that attracted a lot of attention.

CHOCOME unveiled a quirky and humorous side through its title song “HMPH!” and its performances. Furthermore, the girls captivated K-pop fans through their addictive melody.

The fun and easy to follow dance for “HMPH!” even led to a few special collaboration stages. CHOCOME, along with Moon Seyoon, Norazo and Kim Youngchul were praised for their unrivaled cheerfulness and cute chemistry.

In addition, the addictive dance sparked a craze for the “HMPH Challenge” on social media. Also, at the request of fans, the song appeared on various idols’ fan signing events.

The members of CHOCOME appeared on some radio programs and also showed their charms on web entertainment programs. Those include MBC Every1’s Weekly Idol, JTBC’s Knowing Bros, From Today Dancing Fat and Civilization Express.

The US magazine Forbes praised the infinite possibilities that the unit held by stating, “WJSN is a K-pop force with solid base. CHOCOME presented a new look to the WJSN brand.”

Attention is focusing on what WJSN will do next, after showing this new spectrum through its unit group. Meanwhile, the girls will focus on various year-end activities.

PR and Image source: Starship Entertainment