WJSN’s Dawon Takes Break From Activities Due To Health Issues

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The singer has been recently diagnosed with anxiety disorder, and will be taking the necessary steps to ensure her well-being.

Starting today, WJSN’s Dawon will be taking a hiatus from her activities with the group. On December 12, Starship Entertainment announced on the group’s fancafe that the singer will be taking time off to rest and recuperate in order to ensure her well-being.


In a statement released by the agency, the singer was recently diagnosed with anxiety disorder. The diagnosis came after the singer showed symptoms of psychological anxiety after receiving treatment and detailed examinations at a hospital. As a result, she will be taking a break from all activities in order to rest.

“Dawon will be fully resting and focusing on treatment and recovery,” the agency’s statement reads. “For the time being, WJSN will be promoting as nine members.” The agency also apologized to Ujungs, who have taken to Twitter to show their support for the singer through the tags #GetWellSoonDawon and #WeLoveYouDawon.

In the midst of this, Starship Entertainment promised to update Ujungs on updates regarding Dawon and her participation in upcoming scheduled activities and promotions. “We promise to care for our artist and show our full support for Dawon’s health and recovery,” their statement concludes.

Source: WJSN Fancafe, OSEN

Image Source: Naver x Dispatch

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