WJSN Reveals Second Unit “THE BLACK” + Confirms May Debut Date

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Make way, a new WJSN unit is on its way!

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Girl group WJSN has revealed the name of its second unit, THE BLACK. Consisting of members SeolA, Exy, Bona and Eunseo, the girls are planning to make their debut in mid-May.

WJSN The Black

On April 26, Starship Entertainment shared a surprise coming soon teaser image of the new unit. The top of the image included the name WJSN THE BLACK, followed by the four members who will be part of this project.

In addition, the image unveiled the name of the girls’ first single album MY ATTITUDE. Also, it confirmed the date May 12 for the upcoming hot debut, raising the excitement of fans who have been waiting for WJSN’s next unit.

In particular, the classy and chic black background symbolizes the concept of WJSN THE BLACK, drawing more attention. Black is a representative color that goes well with any color and is loved by many people. The newly announced unit will fascinate the music industry in May by melting various charms, including chic and elegant, under the concept of black.

More teaser are expected to follow soon, including the full reveal of the concept which the four girls will present.

Earlier in October last year, WJSN’s Soobin, Luda, Yeoreum and Dayoung formed the first unit of the group, CHOCOME. They showed success with their unit activities through their title track “HMPH!”, filled with overflowing cute charms. As a result, the expectations are growing for THE BLACK, who will likely show a contrasting charm from CHOCOME.

Meanwhile, WJSN’s second unit, WJSN THE BLACK will release its first single album MY ATTITUDE on various online music sites on May 12.

PR & Image source: Starship Entertainment