WJSN “THE BLACK” Successfully Completes 1st Week of “Easy” Promotions

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Take a look at the stages WJSN THE BLACK presented during their first week of promotions!

WJSN THE BLACK made a successful debut and showcased its unique charms during its first week of promotions. The star of their activities was the girls’ title track “Easy”.


WJSN THE BLACK consists of members SeolA, Exy, Bona and Eunseo. The idols began their unit activities after releasing their debut single My Attitude. Starting with KBS’ Music Bank on May 14 and continuing through MBC’s Music Core, and SBS’ Inkigayo, the artists presented their title song “Easy” on the three major music show broadcasts.

First off, for Music Bank, the girls dressed in cool and chic blue suits and showed a high-quality aura suitable for the unit’s first stage. In addition, the artists drew attention by boasting their upgraded skills through the attractive dance moves using the jackets and the unshakable live performance.

Next, for Music Core, the ladies prepared another treat for viewers. From the hip bar atmosphere and the intro infused with fatal charms, the artists presented a fascinating performance. The four members, dressed in black leather costumes, showed off their hidden charisma as they took over the stage while giving off a girl-crush vibe.

Lastly, at Inkigayo, the unit wore pure white suits, bringing out a different charisma. With this performance the idols marked the end of their first week of promotions, raising expectations for their future activities.

“Easy” is a gentle and slow, yet intense and fatal seduction song for a person in love. It provides not only fun to listen to with its fascinating vocal harmony, but also fun to watch the powerful stages.

WJSN THE BLACK plans to continue appearing on various music programs to promote its new song “Easy”.

PR & Image source: Starship Entertainment

Video sources: KBS Kpop, MBCkpop, SBS KPOP