WJSN THE BLACK Finishes Promotions For “My Attitude”

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With outstanding final performance, WJSN THE BLACK marked the end of the unit’s activities.

The second unit of WJSN, THE BLACK, successfully completed its debut activities. They finished the promotions for the single album My Attitude after about three weeks, their last performance taking place on SBS’s Inkigayo on May 30.

The unit received a lot of attention from the public since the news of their formation. THE BLACK includes members SeolA, Exy, Bona, and Eunseo, four girls who showed off their unique individual charms through a new challenge.

The girls began their activities for the title track “Easy”, a dark disco genre track that gives a gentle, slow yet powerful atmosphere. It is a song that portrays the fatal seduction of a person in love. In particular, Exy took part in writing the lyrics, adding some of the Cosmic Girls’ color.

The quartet showed a different charm, proving the members can digest perfectly their new concept and portrayed their mature appeal. The artists also captivated through their performances and stage presence, showcasing flawless movements and captivating expressions.

WJSN THE BLACK addressed that the new challenge, despite scary, brought them joy because of the love and support received from fans. “WJSN THE BLACK activities are over, but we plan to be active as individuals, as well as WJSN, so please look forward to our changes and growth in the future.”

Check out the girls’ performance on Sunday’s Inkigayo for a splendid performance and synergy between the four individuals.

PR & Image source: Starship Entertainment

Video source: SBS Kpop