Won Bin Spotted In An Event For The First Time After 2 Years Of Marriage; His New Hairstyle Becomes A Hot Topic

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Won Bin showed up in public for the first time after 2 years of his marriage.

On October 18, actor Won Bin joined a coffee brand’s event in Wonju, Gangwon-do. He is currently working with the brand as its model.

It is noted that this is Won Bin’s first official appearance in public after his low-profile wedding with actress Lee Na Young two years ago.

In the revealed pictures, the heartthrob captivates eyes with his unchanged outstanding visual in a pink suit.

However, his new curly haircut sparked a hot debate among fans. Some expressed their disappointment as his haircut reminds them of “a poodle’s hair,” or it somehow looks like “an ajumma’s hairstyle”.

On the contrary, some asserted that the actor always looks handsome with whatsoever hairstyle.

In related news, Won Bin and Lee Na Young tied the knot on May 30, 2015 in a wheat field in the former’s hometown of Jeongseon, Gangwon. The couple welcomed their first child in December of the same year.

While Lee is confirmed to return to the big screen next year with the movie Beautiful Days, Won Bin has been in a long break of seven years since his last hit film The Man From Nowhere (2010).

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