Wonder Girls Dominate Music Charts with “I Feel You”

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Wonder Girls are setting the world on wonders with their latest title track, I Feel You, scoring a perfect all-kill on all domestic music charts!

Written by Park Jin Young, I Feel You is the lead song from Wonder Girls’ third full-length album Reboot. After its release at noon on August 3, the song swept all real-time music charts in no time, namely Bugs, Genie, MelOn, Mnet, Monkey3, Naver, Olleh Music, and Soribada.

On the same day, Park Jin Young shared a photo of the track, which is ranked number one on MelOn chart via his personal Instagram. He praised the girls for their well-deserved success, saying: “Result of 3 years of sweat and tears. Enjoy it! You deserve it!!”

20150803_Wonder Girls_ Dominate_ Music_ Charts_ with_ ‘I Feel You’_1

Source: Park Jin Young’s Instagram

Wonder Girls have released their Reboot album and the music video for I Feel You on August 3. The 80s-inspired album has a total of 12 songs, with an additional talk track. It is a combination of various genres, including freestyle, retro pop, and slow jams. Apart from the title song I Feel You, Wonder Girls members have participated in writing the lyrics and composing for the rest of the album.



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