Wonder Girls sit down with Fanlala, discuss “Like Money”

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Wonder Girls recently sat down with Fanlala to talk about the meaning behind their English single Like Money.

Member Yenny began by explaining that the track was about treating a woman right and that the song provided a female perspective of the situation from the Wonder Girls as well as a male perspective from American rapper Akon. Sohee also added that Akon was nice and gentle during the process of recording and had a unique voice which made the song special.

Hyelim then continued by elaborating on the futuristic concept of the video. She explained, “The concept is very futuristic so we got to wear really cool outfits like cat woman outfits. I felt like we were from the future and that concept was kind of like we were in a spaceship.”

Check out the video featuring Wonder Girls below.

[vsw id=”t7VybHLMwIY” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Sources: News – FANLALA; Photo – monstercable; Video – fanlalatv

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