Wonder Girls’ Sunye’s last stage before marriage

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The Wonder GirlsSunye has performed her last stage before her wedding ceremony. On the 1st of January, China Foto Press (CFP) published photos of the Wonder Girls’ special countdown performance in China, which was shown on the state broadcast CCTV on the 31st of December last year, depicting their sleek dance moves and beautiful figures.

In the photos, the Wonder Girls are dressed in shirts and hot pants of differing colours while performing enthusiastically to songs like Nobody, completely immersed in their song and dance. The audience’s eyes were on team leader Sunye, who appeared somewhat tired after stomaching a hectic schedule, as this was the last public performance for her before her marriage on the 26th of January. Sunye’s intention to take time off after her wedding to enjoy her nuptial bliss and focus on her marriage was announced last year. In the meantime, the other members will be concentrating on individual activities.

Sources: (News & Photo): Naver



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