Wonho Delivers A Heartfelt Message With “Losing You”

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Wonho released his music video for the track “Losing You” and it is beyond beautiful!

Wonho bared his heart and soul in his heartrending track “Losing You” and there is certainly no denying that. The imagery and lyricism fit so flawlessly to create a masterpiece wherein its strength lies in its simplicity.

The music video sees sequences of the alluring artist alone amid pre-dominantly monochromatic backdrops. He is caught up in a web of shards and feels isolated as he sits alone in dark spaces. All these instances are symbolic of his journey of having gone through humiliation, pain and seclusion and his emergence as a hero out of it. 


“Losing You” relays a powerful message. Through a live chat on YouTube before the video’s premiere, Wonho said that the lyrics are an expression of all that he wants to convey to his fans.

And the vocalist does just that in a sincere way as he sings, “Keep my heart at your place/ Pull me closer/ Coz anytime or place/ I’d be your shield,” Wonho wholeheartedly confesses in dedication to Wenee before making his guileless declaration, “Baby I would go to war for you/ Build an army if you need me to/ Coz losing me is better than losing you/ Don’t you know/ That I would die for you/ If I knew that you would make it through/ Coz losing me is better than losing you.”


Wonho deeply loves and cares for his fans and it is evident in each line and verse of “Losing You”. The lulling piano melody against Wonho’s serene and soft vocals were enough for Wenee to feel his unconditional love for them. Moreover, the sweet star made the song in English so that he could deliver his heartfelt message to his fans.

“Losing You” is a testament to the love that Wonho and Wenee share. The pre-release track has effectively captured hearts, leaving listeners wanting more and eagerly waiting for the release of Love Synonym. 

Source: HIGHLINE Entertainment