Wonho Looks Flawless In First Set Of Concept Photos For “Love Synonym”

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Wonho looks absolutely alluring amid a summery setting in the new concept images!

Wonho is all set to drop four versions of concept images starting today till August 26. The first version of the same was dropped today and the photos are what one could describe as “picture perfect”.

Wonho_Love Synonym

Rocking a monochrome graphic shirt featuring a print of Sandro Botticelli’s famous artwork “Birth of Venus”, Wonho looks like art personified himself. The vocalist truly enchants with his ethereal style.  


Posing amid a muted setting, the sweet soloist ensures that all eyes are on him with his arresting gaze and bold bearing. Moreover, the muted setting emphasizes the singer’s charms in a magnetic manner

Wonho turns up the heat in a yellow button down. The look truly complements the tranquil blue backdrop, serving as quite the captivating contrast.  


Smoldering like the sun, Wonho stuns like the show stopper he is. The beguiling first set of concept images has surely piqued curiosities for the concept of the album, especially with its refreshing theme and breathtaking style.

Wonho_Love Synonym

The talented vocalist has already given fans a heartwarming glimpse into his album, with his soul-stirring pre-release single “Losing You” that topped charts in over 16 countries within a day of its release.

Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me will be featuring a Korean version of the same apart from seven other tracks namely, “I Just”, “Lost in Paradise”, “Interlude: Runway”, “With You”, and the dreamy, electronic pop title track, “Open Mind” and its English version.

Moreover, the title track’s music video teaser will be released on August 30. It will be followed by an awesome album preview on September 1.

Wonho will then finally unveil his debut album Wonho’s Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me on September 4.

Source: HIGHLINE Entertainment