Wonho Drops His Third Set Of Concept Photos For “Love Synonym (#2) Right For Us”

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Wonho unleashes his dangerous charms in his third fiery set of concept photos! 

The third set of concept photos scream bad boy as we get a glimpse into a new side of Wonho. The terms “dark” and “passionate” are what come to mind with each of the stills. The concept photos truly build up the anticipation around the sweet singer’s upcoming album. 


The first picture features a close up of Wonho as he poses in a black jacket against a muted white background. The singer looks intently into the camera with a piercing gaze as he sports the bruised hero look. The bandages and bruises across his face and torso add a thrilling vibe to the concept. 

This vibe is also visible in another image from the third concept photos. The vocalist dons the same look along with a spray can in his hand.


He looks calm yet fierce in these images, which evoke a sense of intrigue among the viewers. The band aids and the bruises brilliantly pique curiosities. Fans will surely be left wondering about the story behind these elements. 

In a stark contrast to these are the other two images from this third set of concept photos. Wearing predominantly earthy hued outfits, the singer is seen without any of the band aids and bruises that are previously featured in the other two pics.


One image sees Wonho looking intently at something behind the frame, with blurred words featuring all over the image.

The other image sees him in a contrasting vibe. Even though this image too doesn’t see him making direct eye contact with the camera, he looks more angelic in this particular frame.

Bearing a confused yet curious kind of expression, he gives off a much calmer demeanor here.


Nevertheless, both of these images highlight his stunning model visuals and are sure to leave everyone waiting with bated breaths for what’s to come! 

Meanwhile, Wonho will be releasing his first comeback album Part. 2 Love Synonym (#2) Right For Us on multiple music sources on February 26.

Images Credits To: Highline Entertainment