“Woollim The Live” Is Making Its Grand Return With A New Third Season

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Woollim The Live is coming back!


Woollim Entertainment has unveiled the return of Woollim The Live with a new third season. Fans will be able to experience the special contents from the company’s artists once again.

woollim the live 3

The news were shared along with a poster on December 22. The image, reminiscent of a music video player, displayed the logo to tease for the new season.

Woollim The Live is known to deliver special live video content from the performers signed under the agency. The presented stages are the ones that can otherwise only be seen in concerts or fanmeetings, and the shared songs are always different.

In particular, this season is expected to provide a special sound with a higher quality video, a richer lineup, and a variety of composition than the last one. The first lineup of Woollim The Live is coming on December 24, followed by the second and third on December 26 and 28 respectively.

Earlier, Woollim shared various cover videos performed by its artists through the first two seasons. They attracted a lot of attention from the music lovers with its different sound from the originals. Expectations are running high for the new contents that await their reveal.

Woollim Entertainment is the home to INFINITE, Lovelyz, Golden Child, Rocket Punch, and their newly debuted group DRIPPIN. The idols showcased their talents both as part of their groups, as well as individual performers.

In addition, earlier this year, all the groups came together to create the first collaboration between the company’s artists. The track “Relay” contained a soothing message, which is directed to the music fans all around the world.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for the upcoming updates and contents from Woollim The Live 3!

Source: xportsnews, Woollim Entertainment

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