Yeo Jin Goo Is South Korea’s “Absolute Boyfriend”

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Yeo Jin Goo confirms appearance in the upcoming Korean remake of popular Japanese manga, Absolute Boyfriend. 

On July 5, Yeo Jin Goo’s agency Janus Entertainment revealed the actor’s return to the Korean drama scene with Absolute Boyfriend.

The Korean remake marks his first series this year after scoring two dramas in 2017 with SBS’ fantasy-romance Reunited Worlds and acclaimed scifi series – Circle.

Yeo Jin Goo

Japanese manga “Absolute Boyfriend” takes the story of a teenager who seemed to have bad luck with relationships. She created a doll, Night Tenjo, designed to be a perfect boyfriend.

But throughout his journey, Tenjo developed human-like feelings. Jin Goo will become the Korean counterpart of the said android named Zero-Nine (literal translation).

The child actor who has blossomed to a reliable lead man reveals that Zero-Nine’s endeavor to develop true love is what tugs on his heartstrings.

It will challenge his acting range so he believes this is an opportunity to show viewers another side of himself.

Absolute Boyfriend will begin filming sometime in July.

Yeo Jin Goo embarked on his acting career as a child actor, starring in melodrama film Sad Movie (2005). The actor shot to fame through period drama Moon Embracing the Sun (2012) as the younger version of the main character.

To date, he has starred in more than 15 movies and 20 dramas. Some of his most remarkable dramas include Missing You (2012), Orange Marmalade (2015) and Circle (2017).

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