YG Entertainment has been secretly training a new boy group

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This year has certainly been a busy year for YG Entertainment.  It has been reported that the agency collaborated with Chinese company Yuehua Entertainment to form a new boy group called UNIQ.

It has only been a month after WINNER’s debut, and YG is currently in preparations for iKON on new survival show Mix & Match.

As Chinese media reported UNIQ is a five-piece group with an average age of 19 and height of 180cm. Their name is derived from ‘unique’ and ‘unicorn’, a symbol of their pure spirit.

The group will include Chinese members Wong Yibo, Li Wenhan and Zhou Yixuan, and Korean members Jin Shengzhu (Kim Sungjoo) and Cao Chengyan.

Kim Sungjoo is known to be an ex-trainee of YG Entertainment. He is a close friend of WINNER’s Kang Seungyoon and Kim Jinwoo.

Predebut snap of WINNER's Jinwoo with Kim Sungjoo. Photo:

Predebut snap of WINNER’s Jinwoo with Kim Sungjoo. Photo:

UNIQ are the product of four years of secret training at a ‘large entertainment agency in Korea,’ and will be promoting simultaneously in both China and Korea. They are speculated to make an appearance at YG Family’s concert in Beijing next month.

Notable artists signed to Yuehua Entertainment are Hangeng, former Super Junior member, and Zhou Bibi, who collaborated with Epik High earlier this year.

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