YG Entertainment Begins The Search For A New Boy Group

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Calling all boys with a K-Pop idol dream! After the success of BIGBANG, Winner, Treasure, and iKON, are you YG Entertainment’s next big star?

There may be a pandemic to beat, but that doesn’t stop the world from turning…including the showbiz world! That’s why YG Entertainment just launched their YG New Boy Group Auditions, which applicants can participate in from the comfort of their own homes.

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2021 YG New Boy Group Audition At Home

The power of the internet is strong, and we’ve known that for decades now. You can almost literally do anything online. You can even send in an audition that could change your life and make one of your dreams come true!

After debuting successful boy groups, such as BIGBANG and Treasure, YG Entertainment is on the lookout for fresh new talent to transform into their next boy group. The auditions are currently ongoing and will be held until May 23rd.

So, if you’re a talented male born between the years, 2002 to 2010, who is not currently signed to another agency, this may be your shot at stardom. The auditions are open worldwide, so you can rest assured that distance is not a factor.

The audition is accessible via a Google Form, which you can find on the agency’s Instagram account. All you have to do is choose your category (rap, vocal, dance, or visual), fill up the necessary information, choose your audition date, wait for an email confirmation, and get ready to flaunt your skills for your one-on-one ZOOM video call audition with a YG audition casting officer.

With the “at home” concept of this search, this could very well be the most comfortable audition you’ll ever attend.

Those who passed the audition will be given the opportunity to debut as part of YG Entertainment’s newest boy group.

Whether it’s your first time auditioning or if you’ve been working on making your dream come true for a while now, this just might be the sign you’ve been looking for. Your life is all about living up to your potential.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get it!

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