YG Entertainment’s New Boy Group To Be Called Treasure

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Get ready for the debut of YG Entertainment’s new treasure!

YG Entertainment announced Treasure as the official name of its upcoming boy group from the survival reality show YG Treasure Box.

The entertainment company made the official announcement on January 28 through its blog, yg-life.com, and social media channels.


(Photo from YG Entertainment)

The new boy group is composed of Haruto, Bang Ye Dam, So Jung Hwan, Kim Jun Kyu, Park Jeong Woo, Yoon Jae Hyuk, and Choi Hyun Suk — the seven trainees who emerged victorious among 29 participants on YG Treasure Box. 

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On Making It and Dreaming Bigger Dreams

Following the confirmation of Choi Hyun Suk as the final member on January 25, the members gathered to greet their fans through a V Live broadcast.

They shared their thoughts on debuting, people’s reaction to their win, and their dreams.


(Photo from YG Entertainment)

Bang Ye Dam said that being part of the new boy group felt like he was being compensated for his trainee days. Bang has been training under YG Entertainment since 2013. He joined the company after his stint on K-Pop Star Season 2 where he came second.

“I felt relieved and happy that I was finally making my debut,” Bang added.

Meanwhile, So Jung Hwan shared that his parents commended him for the favorable results he got from the show.

“It remained in my memory that my parents said I did a good job,” he said. He was also the third member to be confirmed after placing first in the performance position battle.

Asked about their dreams, Park Jeong Woo relayed his desire to hold a meet and greet event with their fans, while Bang Ye Dam expressed his will to go on a world tour.


(Photo from YG Entertainment)

The V Live broadcast received much enthusiasm, garnering over 130 million hearts. It also concluded with 1.1 million people tuned in to the broadcast.