Yong Jun Hyung Leaves Highlight After Admitting Guilt Over Recent Scandal

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Yong Jun Hyung has announced his departure from Highlight following his admission of participation in Jung Joon Young’ s scandal.

Yong Jun Hyung is officially withdrawing as a member of Highlight on March 14 through a letter posted on his Instagram account.

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The idol, who was previously thrown with allegations of being a part of the sexual video scandal surrounding Jung Joon Young and BIGBANG’s Seungri, has finally come out to clear the air by admitting his participation in the horrendous acts.

“I would first like to sincerely apologize to both the members and my fans who have been suffering for the past few days,” he started his letter on Instagram.

“On March 11, I had received a call from my agency regarding the news exposed on SBS at 8 PM. At the time, I had shared that I was not part of the said chat room, so my agency denied the claims of my involvement in the case,” the Highlight member shared.

“I began speaking with Jung Joon Young near the end of 2015. Through our conversations on Kakao Talk, Joon Young had not sent me ‘molka’ (hidden camera footages), but I took part in very inappropriate conversations about it. I was drinking with him in late 2015 before the messages, and on the next day, he checked up on me sharing that he had been caught,” he admitted.

Screencapture from Yong Jun Hyung’s Instagram Account (@bigbadboii)

He stated, “I then asked him if he was caught by the girl and I admit that it was dumb on my fault – to not think that I what I was being shared was a crime and that I did absolutely nothing to prevent him.”

“Yesterday, during the investigation, I made sure to share everything I knew, and during then, I learned about my past messages. What I thought were messages being referred to from 2016 were actually from late 2015. I was ashamed at the content.”

“I, however, have not shared anything illegal which includes filming hidden camera footages or sharing it. Since the end of 2016, my relationship with Jung Joon Young had just been more acquaintance as we grew a bit apart, but I have realized the consequences of my lack of actions.”

He concluded, “I am sincerely sorry that I have failed to share the love that you have shared with me. In addition, the members have lost trust too. After recognizing the impact of this issue, I decided that I do not want to hurt my fans or members any further. I will be departing from HIGHLIGHT as of March 14, and deeply reflect on my actions. I once again sincerely apologize.”

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