Yoo Seung Ho Brings Excitement With New Teasers of “My Strange Hero”

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New teasers of anticipated drama My Strange Hero eyes another sweet treat from Yoo Seung Ho.

Handsome actor Yoo Seung Ho is ready to make hearts flutter as Kang Bok Soo, a student wrongly accused of violence because of his first love. Jo Bo Ah (Parting Left) will suit up for the role of the hero’s first love in this year-end romance drama offering from SBS. Bitter about his fate, Bok Soo returns to school for revenge, but an unexpected twist of fate welcomes him back.

Fans of the hit drama I’m Not a Robot are ecstatic to see a different side of Yoo Seung Ho. The first video trailer shows the love story of the couple in flashes of tender moments.  The clip shows shy hellos and back hugs reminiscent of a first love.

My Strange Hero

Suddenly everything changes as an anguished scream pierces through the air from the rooftop. It leaves the viewers longing for more as the last lines are spoken:

“My mouth could not speak the names, my eyes look far away as something started in my soul.”

“Vengeance came back to the place you and I were.”

The 2nd teaser was released on November 26. A more serious Kang Bok Soo walks determinedly back to the school. Flashbacks of bitter scenes haunt him. He stands on the rooftop as the male student screams at him to save him.

The next scene shows the hero surrounded by students screaming in despair, “It really wasn’t me! Why would I do it?” He then runs into a classroom where he sees his first love seated with her head down. He screams in her face, “Why would you lie?”

Kang Bok Soo ends the trailer with a threat, “It’s been a long time, has it really been nine years? You will all really regret I came back.”

My Strange Hero premieres on December 10. Fans can watch it on KPLUS channel.


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