Younha On Awkward Kiss With Ji Chang Wook: “The Three-Hour Shoot Felt Like Three Days”

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Younha and Ji Chang Wook had to give each other a kiss in their first meeting.

Singer Younha recently returned to the spotlight with a new album titled RescuE.

On January 15, Younha made an interview with a local news outlet. Apart from sharing about her new record release, the singer reminded of the music video for her 2009 hit track “We Broke up Today”, which she had to give Ji Chang Wook a kiss on the boat.

She shared: “At that time, we had met for the first time. Right after saying ‘How do you do’ to each other, we did the shoot.”


She continued: “We were sitting on a small boat by ourselves. After kissing each other, we remained in awkward silence until the director gave us a cue.”

The star then expressed her sense of humor by saying: “The three-hour shoot felt like three days.”

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