Younha Returns With A New ‘View’

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Singer and songwriter Younha has made her long-awaited comeback to the J-pop scene!

On September 9, Younha released her Japanese album titled View, after a five-year hiatus since her last full-length album Under the Same Sky in September 2010.

With the new album, Younha is expected to show her outstanding talent in songwriting once again, as she reportedly participated in the composition of the album’s new tracks. The title track View delivers a message of encouragement to the youth, who have difficulties in reaching their dreams.

Younha made her Japanese debut in 2004 with single Yubikiri. She rose to stardom with her second single Houki Boshi, and was affectionately called Oricon Comet for her success in Japan. She has already released eight singles and two albums there.

In related news, the star will be appearing in the musical Cinderella at Chungmu Art Hall, Seoul on September 16.


(Editing by Timea Baksa)

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