ZE:A Lee Hoo threatens to retire from the group over upset fan

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ZE:A’s Lee Hoo was upset by a fan on Twitter last night and threatened to leave the group unless she apologised.

It is not clear what he was upset over as both the fan and Lee Hoo have since deleted their tweets.

It first began when Lee Hoo said he would take responsibility for fellow member Taeheon, who is currently being treated for a fractured nose after a wrestling match.

“I can’t sleep. I’m very sorry. I’m sorry on behalf of ZE:A as the leader. Today is Tae Heon’s surgery day. It’s not a major surgery, just only a fitting nasal bone, so you shouldn’t be worried too much. If anything goes wrong, I’ll take all the responsibility. I’ll disband the group and take care of Tae Heon at all costs,”

He later tweeted out saying that he was lonely, which made his other fans worried.

“This is the situation. I’m very lonely, I want to give up on everything. I’ll show you the professional image. Please have faith in me,”

Lee Hoo then promised fans that he would show them everything he had at ZE:A’s fan meet in Tokyo on September 15, protesting that the fan that had upset him should come and watch.

“Today, during the second show in Tokyo, I’ll show you everything I have. If I didn’t have the status to be the leader, I won’t do that anymore. I won’t sing or compose music either. The person who commented, please come hear my song and feel my love. I’ll try my best to sing and dance. Everyone, I’m so sorry.

I’ll say all the things that is left unsaid. Please come. If you come and don’t say anything, I’ll sue you. Please show me your love. Say sorry to my members and my fans and I will forgive you.

Everybody, please remember that today is the last day I will be on stage with ZE:A’s name. Please come and support me.”

I don’t want to hurt the ZE:A members. My heart really ached. Everybody is in hardship but still tried to show us a better image, you’ve wanted to be a group which is well-known and widely-loved, but you seemed to have emotionally overreacted.

Lee Hoo then later retweeted the fan who upset him.


I don’t want to hurt anyone, seeing Lee Hoo’s tweets brought tears to my eyes. ZE:A, fans and Lee Hoo oppa also, I’m really sorry.

I hope that ZE:A will be more united to reach the top. I hope you all will show everyone a wonderful image.

I hope Taeheon oppa will soon recover. A lot of people asked if I’m a fan too – and yes, I am. I won’t be so reckless anymore. I’ll support you wholeheartedly until the end.

I heard the news that your fan meet wrapped up wonderfully. Sorry that I made ZE:A’s leader Lee Hoo sad. During hard times, you tweeted in order for fans to understand you, I feel like I have failed as a fan.

ZE:A’s Lee Hoo then later responded to the fan and thanked her and other fans for protecting his position in the group.

What could the feud be about?

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  1. Lina Candy Lee

    September 22, 2014 at 3:28 am

    If you’re not here to support & help don’t make negative comments

  2. MindsMuses

    September 17, 2014 at 9:16 am

    At the time that these tweets were written, Leehoo was dealing with Taeheon getting surgery in Korea, news of his close friend’s dad passing away, and the fan meeting from the day before being cancelled.

    And regarding the fan meeting that was cancelled, the members originally wanted to stay in Korea with Taeheon. Star Empire, however, made them go to Japan for the meeting, only to cancel it at the last second when they were already in Japan. The fans were waiting at the venue and the members showed up for 20 minutes to address them. During that time they were all in their street clothes, with no make-up, and wearing sunglasses and caps to apparently cover their crying faces.

    According to this fan account, “”(Did SE) commit a crime/sin (so bad) that oppas had to lower their heads, apologize, cry and ask us not to leave? In order to cover their crying faces, oppas wore sunglasses and caps up on stage. Just what did oppas and the fans, who had to see this, do wrongly?” (translation from @kimlixus).

    And this isn’t even the beginning of it. This has been going for years, and I think it just kept piling and piling up on Leehoo, who as leader, is expected to take responsibility for all of this. Or at least he takes it upon himself to apologize for every little stunt that SE pulls.

    I think this fan’s tweets were his breaking point. Did he act a bit irrationally? Yes, but he’s only human.

  3. Gongju829

    September 17, 2014 at 7:22 am

    What a jerk.

  4. alura_

    September 17, 2014 at 5:40 am

    Leader-nim, please remember that many people around will support you. Don’t only refer or listen to one particular tweet that made you mad. I believe Taeheon-ssi will have speedy recovery. Just focus on ZE:A and singing and make a good music, then people will acknowledge you even it took a lot more that it’s supposed to be. ZE:A’s will be here to support. Please be happy, stay healthy.

  5. robyne

    September 17, 2014 at 12:31 am

    i hope he has calmed down enough to understand things happen and to not take them so much to heart he does drastic things. everybody understands and loves him.

  6. iwillforeverloveZEA

    September 16, 2014 at 10:45 pm

    i was so surprised when i saw his tweets.

    knowing Hoo oppa, he’s the type of person who don’t get mad easily.. but seeing his tweets like this. i guess he is really really really upset. maybe she (the fan) is too harsh and he said something bad about TaeHeon oppa’s condition TTT___TTT

    how i wish he won’t make such threat anymore cause its freakin’ me out :'(

    P.S he deleted the “Everybody, please remember that today is the last day I will be on stage with ZE:A’s name. Please come and support me” and the other tweet. maybe it was just because he was too mad :'(


    September 16, 2014 at 9:31 pm

    No one really knows the situation.

    No one really even knows what that person and Lee Hoo conversation was about.

    Kpop idols don’t get agitated that easily.

    However if you want to know what people or fans of this.

    Here is my view point!

    From my view point clearly that person is a deep hearted fan of ZE:A, but must have made a good point in her statement against Lee Hoo tweet. In words I too would be quite surprised and agitated on what Lee Hoo tweeted.

    If people or “FANS” already know the group members are quite close to each other. The leader Lee Hoo have a closer deep friendship with Taeheon than the other members.

    From reading Lee Hoo tweets one can assume it’s must have been an argument based upon Taeheon situation and the first tweet made by Lee Hoo, it’s obviously stated there.

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