Zico Announces Official Date For Upcoming Military Enlistment

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It is time to temporarily bid goodbye to another amazing soloist as Zico officially confirms his nearing military enlistment.

South Korean rapper Zico announced that he will begin serving his mandatory military service on July 30.

Zico Military Enlistment

On July 21, KOZ Entertainment confirmed that the sought-after artist will join the army as a public service worker.

“Zico [will] enter the training camp on the 30th and [will] receive basic military training for 4 weeks before serving as a social worker”, KOZ Entertainment said.

Born in 1992, Woo Ji Ho, better known as Zico, debuted in 2011 as the leader of boy group Block B, with their first single “Freeze.” With his overflowing passion for music, the rapper eventually made his debut as a soloist in 2014, with his single titled “Tough Cookie”, featuring Don Mills.

Apart from his rapping ventures, he has also been active as a record producer, creating songs for reality shows such as I-LAND. Moreover, he is known for his remarkable hits such as “Artist”, “I Am You, You Are Me” and “Bermuda Triangle”.

On January 13, he made his comeback with his self-written single “Any Song,” which instantly achieved a perfect all-kill status on South Korean music charts.

The hip-hop song became more popular through the “Any Song” Dance Challenge, which went viral due to participation of popular Korean artists.

Due to its witty lyrics and trendy atmosphere, the track also topped Gaon Digital Chart and Billboard K-Pop 100 Chart.

Meanwhile, Zico just released his third EP Random Box on July 1, along with its title track “Summer Hate.”

The catchy track has been gaining lots of love and attention from fans due to its groovy and harmonious beat.

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