4 Rappers 1 Collaboration: Give Them Your ‘Feedback’ In A Poll

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Featuring the five talented rappers Bora, Kissum, Lil Cham, Jace and Adoonga, the music video for the song “Feedback” has finally been released! The song debuted at number 12 on the Melon Music Top 100 Charts and is doing seemingly well.

The hip hop love song was produced and written by the founder of Brand New Music. Rhymer, along with the help of rookie producer Lish, produced this fast-paced and up-beat song about how women love these days.

A warning is given from each female rapper as they give guys their Feedback. As said by record label 1THEK1, “Kisum starts out with being young and frank, and Jace and LilCham shows their heavy presence. Bora leaves a strong impression with her special high-tone rap”.

Watch the music video below.

Readers, now that you’ve seen the music video, here are animated scenes of each rapper at their best in the music video. After viewing them, vote in the poll with who you think stood out the most below!




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