Jun Ji-hyun’s Epic Battle: The Mermaid Or The Sassy Actress?

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Here is the epic battle of Jun Ji-hyun for K-drama enthusiasts!

Jun Ji-hyun is back with another comic role in The Legend of the Blue Sea, this time partnered up with everyone’s favourite Lee Min-ho.

In 2013, Jun played as a sassy actress, Cheon Song-yi, in the wildly popular My Love from the Star. Her character’s funny antics became the favourite of fans all around the world.

Do you remember the scene where she tried to open Kim Soo-hyun‘s door while drunk? Or when she was trying to pull herself together, convincing herself that she is Asia’s superstar? Or when she was rapping in her car? And her particular way of saying “Sorry” that every fan started imitating afterwards?

Jun Ji-hyun

Jun Ji-hyun

In The Legend of the Blue Sea, Jun is once again given a comic character, a mermaid who bumps into a con artist, played by Lee Min-ho. As a mermaid experiencing human life for the first time, we can laugh ourselves silly over her reactions. She is clumsy with everyday human objects, lacks etiquette and basic knowledge of modern life. However, she is incredibly strong, punching Lee’s character in the stomach (and making him fly off) several times.

Jun Ji-hyun

Jun Ji-hyun

And she is also being every K-drama fan EVER:

Here is a question for you:

Which character of Jun Ji-hyun do you like more? Sassy Cheon Song-yi from My Love from the Star or the child-like mermaid from The Legend of the Blue Sea?

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