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“Seoul Vibe” Unveils Coolest Crew In Stylish Retro

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Ahead of its premiere, Netflix presents the main poster featuring the stars of Seoul Vibe.

Seoul Vibe is an action film directed by Moon Hyun Sung of As One and The King’s Case Note fame. It stars Yoo Ah In (Hellbound), Go Kyung Pyo, Lee Kyu Hyung, Park Ju Hyun (Extracurricular) and Ong Seong Wu.

Yoo Ah In plays Dong-wook, the supreme driver with superb drifting skills. Go Kyung Pyo as club DJ John Woo. Lee Kyu Hyung fascinates as human-navigator Bok-nam.

Rounding up the cast are Park Ju Hyun as Yoon-hee, the talented motorcyclist and Ong Seong-wu portraying Joon-gi, the skilled mechanic.

Featured in the poster, all five members strut with their swag hideout in the background. The crew aka “bbagkku fam” is set to unravel the truth behind a massive money laundering ring.

The modish old-school props underscore the hip retro (Hip-tro) vibe – bold gold chains, retro boombox, chic bike, navy jumpsuits and more.

Director Moon Hyun-sung reveals the stylish Sanggye-dong Supreme Team reflects a combination of retro and hip hop (“hip-tro”) vibe. He attributes hip-hop music and culture from the 80s as one of the movie’s motifs.

“The first step of Seoul Vibe was hip hop.”

With popping visuals and music to excite viewers’ eyes and ears, Seoul Vibe will release globally on August 26th only on Netflix.

PR Source: Netflix