Spotify Launches A New K-Pop Site “K-Pop ON! Track”

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Spotify launches a K-Pop dedicated website called “K-Pop ON! Track”, delivering behind-the-scenes looks into the K-Pop industry, trending news, and artist interviews.

Love all things K-Pop? Spotify has just launched a website focused on the genre, bringing fans closer than ever to the music and artists they love. The website, “K-Pop ON! Track,” provides a foundational home base for everyone– from those curious about the genre to bonafide stans, the website delivers exclusive artist interviews, industry news, up-and-coming trends, and more.

Spotify’s new site is curated to complement the streaming experience, delivering crafted content to bring fans more deeply into the K-Pop sphere. Fans can find diverse content. Everything from guides to K-Pop terminology, tutorials to create a Spotify Blend playlist to BTS, an artist-featured series called “We Stan”, to interviews with K-Pop music experts is available.

Overall, the project is a celebration of the music and fans at the forefront of the booming genre.


The launch is in response to the momentous streams of K-Pop tracks globally on their platform. Spotify’s flagship playlist, K-Pop ON! (온), amassed billions of streams since its first launch in 2014. As of May 2022, the playlist has more than 3.9 million followers with the USA, Indonesia, and the Philippines leading as the countries that stream the playlist most.

As K-Pop is more than a music genre but also serves as a cultural hub for fandoms, stars, fashion moments, and more, “K-Pop ON! Track” provides fans with a playground to immerse themselves in the K-Pop universe.

New content will be released weekly. Fans can enjoy the recent content releases of K-Pop Comebacks to Look Out For and Add These K-Pop Rookie Idol Groups to Your Playlist

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