2014 in Review: Day 17 – Concluding Remarks

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Jonghyun - Base

[The 2014 in Review Series]

1. Introduction and Best Album Art
2. R&B and Soul
3. Rock and Alternative
4. Rap and Hip-hop
5. Dance and Electronic
6. Pop and Ballad
7. Folk and Country
8. Jazz and Blues
9. Crossover and Other
10. Best Collaborative Work
11. Rookie Artist of the Year
12. Artist of the Year
13. Song of the Year
14. Album of the Year
15. Staff Picks
16. Storylines and Other Recognition
17. Concluding Remarks

Wrapping up the Year in Review for each year is a bittersweet thing. On the one hand, I’m relieved to be done and have another series in the books; on the other, I realize that it’ll be 12 months before I get to do this again. Hope you enjoyed our recap and recognition of 2014, and maybe you even found a few new works that you missed last year.

2015 is already off to an auspicious start, with JonghyunNC.A and Mad Clown making waves early in January. I’ve been hearing a few December releases that seem like worthy entrants for the 2015 review, and am particularly keen on seeing Boni‘s comeback, Amber‘s solo debut, and Park Hyo-shin‘s next album, just to list a few. It’s a good time to be a listener – let’s look forward to what 2015 will have for us.

The last honorable mentions

As I like to emphasize all the time, our series is not comprehensive – some works are always going to fall through the cracks. Listed below are 2014 releases that appeared in other publications’ year-end lists, but not in ours. (Outlets surveyed are IZMWeiv, and MusicY.) I omitted many of the below from our series due to differing opinions, but others were simply missed in my reviews. Be sure to check some of these out as well!


250 – One Night Stand
Boys In The Kitchen – Boys In The Kitchen
Cong Vu – Cong Vu CDR II
Coreyah – 불러온 노래 (Songs Called Upon)
CR Taegu – 상실 (Loss)
Ego Function Error – Ego Function Error!
F.W.D – Air
Genius – Beaches
Illap – Illap
Julia Dream – Lay It Down On Me
Kernelstrip – Walking Through The Galaxy
Kirin – 사랑과 행복 (Love and Happiness)
Lee Kyu-ho – 세상 밖으로 (Into The World)
Lee Sang-eun – Lulu
Lobotomy – ProtoLEMON
Master Class & Darley – Darley’s Masterclass
Parasol – EP
Pigibit5 – Mr. Munba
Say Sue Me – We’ve Sobered Up
Sete Star Sept & Nahu – Phantom X The Suneater
Scumraid – Out Of Order
Sunny Kim & Ben Monder – The Shining Sea
Ukulele Picnic – 겨울 나들이 (Winter Picnic)
Unhappy Circuit – Just Waiting For A Happy Ending
Various Artists – Volt Age Sound 6V
Yamagata Tweakster – Barcode Terrorist
Yoon Duk-won – 흐린 길 (Faint Road)
Zeemen – Sixteen Days


Akdong Musician – 200%
ALi – 돌 틈 꽃 (Flower Between Rocks)
A Pink – Mr. Chu
As One – 오늘 같은 날 (For The Night)
Blacknut – 빈지노 (Beenzino)
CR Taegu – 외로움 (Loneliness)
Dal Shabet – B.B.B.
Diealright – Heaven
Girl’s Day – Darling
Guckkasten – 오이디푸스 (Oedipus)
god – 미운오리새끼 (Ugly Duckling)
Hugh Keice – Starry Night
Ja Mezz – Wanna Get
Jowall – 어느새 (Already)
Julia Dream – 가위 (Sleep Paralysis) Part 2: Echoes And Dances
Kim Sa-wol X Kim Hae-won – 지옥으로 가버려 (Go To Hell)
Kirin – 요즘 세대 연애 방식 (Dating In This Generation) (Featuring Boi.B, Hoody)
Lee Hyo-jung – 파업 (Strike)
Lee Kyu-ho – 매일 지구 굴린다 (Roll The Earth Every Day)
Lee Kyu-ho – 뭉뚱그리다 (Generalize)
Lee Kyu-ho – 술 취한다 (Getting Intoxicated)
Lee Sun-hee – 그 중에 그대를 만나 (Met You Among All)
Lovelyz – Candy Jelly Love
Messgram – Every Moment
Mood Schula – DNA Science
Orange Caramel – 까탈레나 (Catallena)
Ping N Pong – Comfuture (Featuring PNSB)
Ra.D – 아직도 (Still) 0416
Raina & San E – 한여름밤의 꿀 (A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness)
Rainbow Blaxx – Cha Cha
Red Velvet – 행복 (Happiness)
Seo Taiji – 숲 속의 파이터 (Fighter In The Forest)
Shin Hae-chul – A.D.D.A
Sistar – Touch My Body
Ska Wakers – Firebomb
Soyou, Kwon Soon-il, Park Yong-in – 틈 (The Space Between)
Sunmi – 보름달 (Full Moon)
TAN+EMOTION – 탄다, 타 (Burns, It Burns)
Unchained – Stop
VIXX – 기적 (Miracle)
Winner – 공허해 (Empty)
Winterplay – 하얀 겨울 (White Winter)
Yoon Sang – 날 위로하려거든 (To Console Me)

Sources: Photo – Daum Music; References – Weiv (1) (2), IZM (1) (2), MusicY (1) (2)

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