2016 in Review: Day 16 – Concluding Remarks

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[2016 in Review]

1. Prelude (Best Album Art)
2. R&B and Soul
3. Rock and Alternative
4. Rap and Hip-hop
5. Dance and Electronic
6. Pop and Ballad
7. Folk and Country
8. Jazz and Crossover
9. Best Collaborative Work
10. Rookie Artist of the Year
11. Artist of the Year
12. Song of the Year
13. Album of the Year
14. Staff Picks
15. Other Recognition
16. Concluding Remarks

Another year in the books. We’ve highlighted some of 2016’s best offerings, and there’s ample reason to look forward to what’s in store for 2017. Sumin, Kim Yoon-ah and 3rd Line Butterfly have already dropped extremely strong work, and with big comebacks scheduled all throughout the first couple months of the year, we’ll be seeing a lot more of that for sure.

The last honorable mentions

As we emphasize all the time, our series is not comprehensive – some works are always going to fall through the cracks. A meta-analysis of other publications’ roundups can help fill in those blanks, and also show us what kind of works are getting widespread acclaim.

Below is a list of songs and albums that have been named to other publications’ year-end lists. Outlets surveyed are IZMWeiv, MusicY, Naver Music, Bugs Music, and Diffsound. (The first four pick albums and songs, while the last two only do albums.) Works that did not appear in our 2016 in Review (not counting the Album Art and Other Recognition categories) are listed in italics. Many of the below were omitted from our series due to differing opinions, but others were simply missed. Be sure to check some of these out as well!

Multipliers inside parentheses denote the number of publications nominating each piece, in the case of multiple nominations. (So the maximum multiplier is six for albums and four for songs.) Roughly speaking, if something that we missed has a high multiplier then we “whiffed” hard!

There were no unanimous selections this year, but two albums came close, with five of the six publications naming them. There were also a fair number selected by four publications. As you might expect, the songs side is much more diffuse – very few songs even got two nominations.


13 Steps – Venom
2nd Moon – 판소리 춘향가 (Pansori Chunhyang-ga)
9 and the Numbers – 수렴과 발산 (Solitude and Solidarity) [Convergence and Divergence] (x4)
ABTB – Attraction Between Two Bodies (x3)
Archagathus/Nahu – Archagathus/Nahu Spirit
Aseul – New Pop
Ash – Pulse
Astronerd – thE scIEntIST
Bahngbeck – 너의 손 (Your Hand) (x2)
bbdTrio – bbdTrio (x4)
Beenzino – 12
B-Free – Free From Seoul
Billy Carter – Here I Am
Black String – Mask Dance (x5)
The Black Underground – The Anti Star
The Black Underground – The British Indie
Bluestream – 야생의 밤 (Wild Night)
BTS – Wings
Bulssazo – 한(국힙)합 (Korean Hip Hop)
Champions – 낯선 시절 (Strange Days)
Chancellor – My Full Name
Coreyah – 서울포크 (Seoul Folks)
Danpyunsun and the Sailors – 뿔 (Shofar)
Dean – 130 mood: TRBL
Don Malik & Kima – Tribeast
Don Mills – 미래 (Mirae)
Earthbound – Artown (x3)
Echae Kang – Radical Paradise (x3)
Gurueng Train – 구릉열차 (Gurueng Train) 1st
Guten Birds – Things What May Happen On Your Planet (x2)
Grymja Gongdongche [Shadow Community] – 거울의 숲 (Forest of Mirrors)
HEO – Actress (x3)
Hollow Jan – Scattered By The Breeze
Honggap – 꿈의 편집 (Dream Edit)

Huckleberry P – 점 (Dot) (x2)
Hwaji – Zissou (x3)
Hwang Puha – 칼라가 없는 새벽 (Dawn Without Color)
Im Ingun – 야누스, 그 기억의 현재 (Janus, the Reminiscence) (x2)
Iron – Rock Bottom
Isahi – Separate But Coexisting
Jambinai – A Hermitage (은서; 隱棲) (x3)
Jannabi – Monkey Hotel (x2)
Jay Park – Everything You Wanted (x2)
Jeebanoff – So Fed Up (x2)
Jerry.K – 감정노동 (Emotional Labor)
Jo Dong-jin – 나무가 되어 (Become a Tree) (x5)
Joung Saenansul – 다 큰 여자 (Grown Up Woman)
JTA – Drift Away
Julia Dream – 불안의 세계 (A World of Anxiety) (x2)
Jun Bum Sun and the Yangbans – 혁명가 (Revolution Songs) (x4)
Jung Mijo – 37년 (37 Years) (x2)
Justhis – 2 Many Homes 4 1 Kid (x2)
Kang Becks – 설은 (Seol-eun)
Kiha & the Faces – 내 사랑에 노련한 사람이 어딨나요 (Who’s Good at Their Own Love?) (x3)
Kim Hyo-eun – My Ambition EP
Kim Tae-chun – 악마의 씨앗 (The Devil’s Seed) (x2)
Kirara – Moves
Koh Sang-ji – Ataque del Tango
Kuang Program – 감은 눈 (Closed Eyes)
Kwak Pureunhaneul – 어제의 소설 (Yesterday’s Novel) (x2)
Kwon Tree – 사랑은 높은 곳에서 흐르지 (Love Flows From a High Place)
Lang Lee – 신의 놀이 (Playing God) (x4)
Lee Ha-yoon – 편의점에 피는 꽃 (Convenience Store Flower)
Lee Min-hwi – 빌린 입 (Borrowed Tongue) (x4)
Lee Myung-gun Trio – 피고지고 (Blooms & Falls) (x2)
Loody Bensh – World in Kaleidoscope
Mahatma – New Justice (x2)
The March Kings – Spring Will Come
Mot – 재의 기술 (Ashcraft)
Mowg – Dongju OST
Mystery Curtain – 수상한 커튼의 일년 (A Year of Mystery Curtain)
Nafla – New Blood (x2)
Nahzam Sue – Till The Sun Goes Up (x2)
Nell – C
Neon Bunny – Stay Gold
Nior & G.Way – Swim Deep
NST – Low and Steady
Nucksal – 작은 것들의 신 (The God of Small Things)
nuMori – 구나구나 (GunaGuna)
nuh – Life
Oh Ji Eun Seo Young Ho – 작은 마음 (Little Heart)
O.O.O. – Home
Owen Ovadoz – P.O.E.M.
Pakk – 곡소리 (A Wail)
Pariah – One
Park Hyo-shin – I Am A Dreamer
Park Jiha – Communion
PPUL – 도주, 실패, 폭사 (Runaway, Fail, Bombdeath)
Rainbow99 – Calendar
Raw By Peppers – Spaceship Out of Bones
Remnants of the Fallen – Shadow Walk (x2)
Room306 – At Doors (x2)
Saebyeok – Division
Samba Flowerpot – 서교호텔 (Hotel Seokyo)
Samuel Seo – Ego Expand (x2)
Savina and Drones – 우리의 시간은 여기에 흐른다 (Our Time Lies Within) (x3)
Sears – Sears
Seaweed Mustache – The Whistle
Second Session – Intervals
Secret Asian Men – Secrets Beyond the Room (x2)
Seong-jin Cho – Chopin: Piano Concerto No. 1
Sik-K – Flip
SHINee – 1 of 1
Shin Seol-hee – Cinder Cone
Silica Gel – Silica Gel (x2)
Sink To Rise – Paid In Full
Sleeq – Colossus (x2)
Stereotype – Come Back James
Summer of Thoughts – 다시 숲 속으로 (Into the Forest Again)
Sunwoo Jung-A – 4×4
Swiimers – Swiimers
Taemin – Press It
Tehiun – ☆히言
Theatre8 – 언제나 나는 너를 생각해 (I Always Think Of You)
Tiffany – I Just Wanna Dance
TK – Tourist
Various Artists – 젠트리피케이션 (Gentrification)
Vomit & Tear – Vomit & Tear
Whang Bo-ryung=Smacksoft – Urbane Sanity
Wings of the ISANG – 의식의 흐름 (Stream of Consciousness) (x4)
XXX – Kyomi (x2)
You Are Amanda – 열대야 (Tropical Night)


2nd Moon – 이별가 (Song of Parting)
3rd Line Butterfly – 나를 깨우네 (Awakens Me) (x2)
3rd Line Butterfly – 선물 (Gift)
75A – Man Ray System
9 and the Numbers – 드라이 플라워 (Dry Flower)
9 and the Numbers – 언니 (Sister)
ABTB – Artificial
ABTB – 시대정신 (Zeitgeist)
ABTB – 할렐루야 (Hallelujah)
Amber – On My Own (Featuring Nat Geo)
Aseul – Elephants Mobile
Aseul – Fisher
Asian Chairshot – 사랑이 모여서 (Love Gathered)
bbdTrio – This Time Is Your Time
Bahngbeck – 한강 (Han River)
Bascussion – B.D.M
BewhY – Day Day (Featuring Jay Park) (x2)
Bluestream – 유령 (Ghost)
Blue Turtle Land – 그녀의 숨결 (Her Breath)
Blue Turtle Land – 변화의 바람 (Winds of Change)
Bolbbalgan4 – 우주를 줄께 (Galaxy)
Bros Factory – 고여있던 시간 (Stagnant Time)
B-Soap – 짝사랑의 실패자들 (Failed Crushes) (Featuring Youngcook)
BTS – Mama
BTS – 피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears)
Bulssazo – 18 1/2 (for Skateboarding)
Casker – 외계어 (Alien Language)
Champions – 수족관 (Aquarium)
Cho Deok-hwan – Fire in the Rain
Cho Deok-hwan – Long May You Run
Choi Sung-ho Singularity – 흩날리는 생각들 (Flying Thoughts)
Choi Yi-chul – 노을 (Sunset)
Crush X Han Sang-won – Skip
Dal Shabet – 너 같은 (Someone Like U)
Danpyunsun and the Sailors – 모든 곳에 (High and Low)
Danpyunsun and the Sailors – 연애 (Lover) (Featuring Kim Sa-wol)
Dean – D (Half Moon) (Featuring Gaeko)
Don Jyoo – 변명 (Excuse) (Featuring Wings of the ISANG)
Don Malik X Kima – Tribeast
Earip – 계절이 두 번 (Seasons Changed Twice)
Echae En Route – Night Drive
Ego Function Error – Error Zam
Electron Sheep – His Theme (Undertale)
Fromm – 달의 뒤편으로 와요 (Come to the Back Side of the Moon)
Garion – 가가가 (Gagaga)
GFriend – 시간을 달려서 (Rough)
Girls On Top – 같은 곳에서 (In the Same Place)
Gonne Choi – If I (Featuring Kim Sun-wook)
Graye X Cifika – D.A.
Gurueng Train – Taxi
Guten Birds – 가나다 별곡 (Song of Waves)
Ha Hyun-woo – Lazenca, Save Us
Hitchhiker – $10
Hollow Jan – Scattered By the Breeze
Huckleberry P – 박상혁 (Park Sang-hyuk)
Hwang Puha – 해돋이 (Sunrise) (x2)
Hwaji – 서울을 떠야돼 (Gotta Leave Seoul) (Featuring Deepflow, The Suite)
I.B.I – Molae Molae
Im Ingun – 바람이 부네요 (Wind’s Blowing) (Featuring Park Sung-yeon)
Isahi – The Plague
Jambinai – 그들은 말이 없다 (They Keep Silence)
Jambinai – 그대가 잃어버린 그 모든 것들을 위하여 (For Everything That You Lost)
Jay Park – All I Wanna Do (Featuring Hoody, Loco)
Jeon Yonghyeon – 남쪽물결 (Southern Wave)
Jerry.K – 콜센터 (Call Center) (Featuring Oohyo) (x2)
Jinbo – 봄이 오는 소리 (The Sound of the Spring)
Jjangyou – Jjangyou
Jo Dong-jin – 그 날은 별들이 (Stars That Night)
Jooyoung – Lucy (Deepshower Rework)
Julia Dream – My Queen
Julia Dream – 만선 (Full Ship)
Jun Bum Sun and the Yangbans – 아래로부터의 혁명 (Revolution) (x2)
Jung Joon-il – Plastic (Featuring BewhY)
Jung Mijo – 귀로 (Way Back)
Jung Mijo – 미워하지 않아요 (I Don’t Hate)
Jun. K – Think About You
Kiha & the Faces – 괜찮아요 (It’s Okay)
Kim Chang-wan Band – 시간 (Time)
Kim Hae-won – 불 길 (Flames)
Kim Na-young – 어땠을까 (What Would Have Been)
Kim So-dam – 그댈 위한 노래 (Song For You)
Kirara – Kirara
Koh Sang-ji – Primavera Portena
Kwak Pureunhaneul – 나는 니가 필요해 (I Need You)
Kwak Pureunhaneul – 열꽃 (Work of Art)
Kwon Jinah – 끝 (The End)
Kwon Tree – 사랑은 높은 곳에서 흐르지 (Love Flows From a Higher Place)
Kwon Tree – 어두운 밤을 보았지 (Saw A Dark Night)
Ladies Code – Galaxy
Ladies Code – The Rain
Lang Lee – 가족을 찾아서 (Seeking Family)
Lang Lee – 세상 모든 사람들이 나를 미워하기 시작했다 (Everyone in the World Started Hating Me)
Lang Lee – 신의 놀이 (Playing God)
Lang Lee – 환란의 세대 (Generation of Chaos)
Lee Ho-suk – 누군가 (Somebody)
Lee Min-hwi – 빌린 입 (Borrowed Tongue)
Lee Sora – 사랑이 아니라 말하지 말아요 (Don’t Say It Isn’t Love) (x2)
Lucid Fall – 아직, 있다, (Still, There)
Luna – Free Somebody (x2)
Mahatma – Fatal Imbalance
Mamamoo – 넌 is 뭔들 (You’re the Best) (x2)
The March Kings – 현기증 (Dizziness)
Messgram – Hollow Dream
Minje – Do
Missing Lucille – The Crown Is Not For You
The Monotones – 여름의 끝 (Summer’s End) (x3)
Mot – Perfect Dream
Mot – 당신의 절망을 바라는 나에게 (For Me Who Wants Your Despair)
Nahzam Sue – 사이버가수 아담 (Cyberstar Adam)
Nahzam Sue – 좀비보이 (Zom-B Boy) (Featuring Nucksal)
NCT U – 일곱 번째 감각 (The Seventh Sense)
Neon Bunny – 나를 잊지 말아요 (Don’t Forget Me)
Neon Bunny – 서울하늘 (Romance in Seoul)
November on Earth – They All Have Their Own Beauty
Nucksal – 밥값 (Food Money) (Featuring Koonta)
Nucksal – 팔지 않아 (Not For Sale)
Odd Time – Star
Oh My Girl – Windy Day (x2)
Onnine Ibalgwan – 애도 (Condolence)
Onnine Ibalgwan – 혼자 추는 춤 (Solo Dance) (x2)
Oohyo – 청춘 (Youth) (Day)
otot – OO + AA + i-ing
O.When – 오늘 (Today)
Pakk – 각혈 (Hemoptysis)
Pakk – 곤마 (Gonma)
Parasol – 배개와 천장 (Pillow and Ceiling)
Parasol – 멀어진 축제 (Distant Festival)
Pariah – Lukas
Park Jiha – Communion
Pigibit5 – 파쿠리 러브송 (Pakuri Lovesong)
PPUL – Lee Was Dead
Produce 101 – Pick Me
Pure – Power of the Rock
Pure – Tornado (Featuring Park Young-chul)
Rainbow99 – Calendar
Raw By Peppers – 3
Raw By Peppers – Cut Me Half
Red Velvet – 7월 7일 (One of These Nights)
Red Velvet – My Dear
Red Velvet – Russian Roulette
Room306 – Seems Like (같아요)
Saebyeok – Oblivion
Samuel Seo – B L U E (x2)
Samuel Seo – Ego Death
Saram12Saram – Pitch Black Night
Savina and Drones – Don’t Break Your Heart
Scary P X Ex8er – Trumrap Part 2 (Featuring Justhis, Nucksal)
Seaweed Mustache – Hello, Death
Second Session – 애정결핍 (Love Deficient)
Seventeen – 아주 Nice (Very Nice)
Silica Gel – 두 개의 달 (Two Moons)
Stellar Moments – Dark S
Summer of Thought – 두 나무 (Two Trees) (x2)
Sunwoo Jung-A – 그러려니 (Stay Put)
Swiimers – 싸움 (Fight)
Theatre8 – 언제나 나는 너를 생각해 (I Always Think Of You)
Tiffany – Talk
Twice – Cheer Up
Vomit & Tear – Zeal
Wasted Johnnys – 강 (River)
Whang Bo-ryung=Smacksoft = AAO_살풀이 (Featuring Asian Chairshot)
Wings of the ISANG – 검은 바다 (Black Ocean)
Wonder Girls – Why So Lonely (x2)
XXX – 승무원 (Attendant)
Yang Bang-eon – No Boundary
Yerin Baek – Zero
Yoon Sang – 그게 난 슬프다 (That Saddens Me) (Featuring Yoo Sung-eun)
Yun Seok-cheol Trio – 자유리듬 (Rhythm of Liberty)

That’s all for this year; see you in a year for 2017 in Review!

Sources: album art from Bugs Music

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